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Frank Willett passed away October 15, 2020.  Please join his wife, Luisa Baldinger, and all his many friends in wishing Frank the best on his next great adventure.  

Luisa and Frank have worked since 1971 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, creating unique ceramic art.  Stoneware and porcelain pottery, created in their studio,  reflects their concern for classic contemporary ceramic design.   Featured is a wide variety of beautiful and superbly crafted functional pottery including bowls, teapots, vases, pitchers and decorative pieces, wheel thrown by Frank and glazed and fired by Luisa.

Hand-built saggar-fired vessels, evocative of ancient pottery dug up in an archeological site chracterize Luisa Baldinger's work.  Unique and one-of-a-kind,, they occupy special places in the many homes of folks who have collected Luisa's work.

For many years, Frank Willett and Luisa Baldinger owned and operated Santa Fe Pottery on historic Guadalupe Street in Santa Fe. Since selling the gallery in 2003 they have devoted their time to creating their own work and selling it out of the studio and online. Free shipping or 35% discount for pick-up at studio.  

Their pottery studio is located in a lovely rural setting a short distance from the plaza in Santa Fe.  Open by appointment, 505-471-9070 or

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