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Vases and Covered Jars by Frank Willett

Vases:  Unique and one-of-a-kind, thrown and altered on the potter's wheel, these stoneware and porcelain vases and covered jars are beautiful sculptural forms.  Willett's tall vases and globe forms can be simply enjoyed as part of the decor in the home, or, water proof, , they are excellent for a large flower arrangement.  


Covered Jars:  Beautifully thrown and finished, stoneware an/or porcelain, fired in reduction or soda to 2360 degrees F.  Natural

wood or stones found on hikes or on a beach serve as handles on some of the covered jars and add to their uniqueness.  Perfect, too, as as funerary urns for holding ashes of loved ones.

These prices include shipping.  35% discount if you pick up work at our studio.  See purchase guidelines.

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