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Sculptural Forms by Luisa Baldinger

Visually inspired by rocks and detritus found in nearby arroyos and hillsides, these pieces are an exploration of form and surface. Hand-built from slabs of clay, the surfaces are enhanced with thin coats of terra sigillata and colored engobes, and fired in aluminum foil "mummies."  The pieces are formed using Luisa's "trapped air" method.  She starts with a completely closed, air-tight form.  Air is subsequently either blown in or let out of the "balloon" through a tiny pin prick of a needle tool.  The "trapped air"  then acts as a resistance as the piece takes shape by being paddled, rolled, pushed in here and there, flattened and gently nudged into its final form.

These prices include shipping.  35% discount if you pick up work at our studio.  See purchase guidelines.

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