Frank Willett


Classic Frank Willett. Beautifully thrown and finished, porcelain, fired in reduction or soda to cone 11, 2350 degrees F. Microwave and dishwasher safe; we don’t recommend them for oven use, however.

Covered Jars

Beautifully thrown and finished, porcelain, fired in reduction or soda to cone 11, 2360 degrees F.  Some have natural wood or stone nobs.

Deep Bowls

These Deep bowls and/or wide-mouth vases are all one-of-a-kind. Used for serving food, as containers for fruit, or for flower arrangements, or simply to occupy a special niche, they can stand on their own as sculpture, and reflect a playful yet masterful approach to the medium. The forms are all thrown on the potter’s wheel and altered while still damp. Luisa sprays the layered slips and glazes on each piece with great attention to the form to enhance it. The slips and glazes react with the soda introduced into the kiln at peak temperature to produce unpredictable and often spectacular and exciting surfaces which enhance the form perfectly.

Vases and Globe Vases
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Classic in form, lightweight, comfortable handles, dripless pour. So beautiful and so functional. Everything you would want in a pitcher. Porcelain, wheel thrown by Frank, glazed by Luisa, and fired either in our gas kiln or in the soda kiln.


© 2017 by Frank Willett and Luisa Baldinger.  

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Bowl #6

Large serving bowl. Porcelain, wheel thrown, the rim altered and "chattered" with a flexible rib while still damp. "Flashing" slips and the Purple Haze glaze accent the altered and "chattered" pattern on the rim. Fired in the soda kiln to 2350 F. Diameter 17", 6" High. Price: $425.